Changzhou First Peoples Hospital’s Delegation to UKeMED

News by the UKeMED – 15th June 2018

UKeMED were proud to host the Changzhou First Peoples Hospital’s Delegation on the 15th June in Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. Our honourable guests were HE Xiaozhou, President, Jiang Jingting, Head of Oncologic Laboratory, SHEN Jiang, Head of Anesthesiology, ZHU Jiang, Vice Director of Administration Office, XUE Dong, Associate Doctor of Urology and WANG Mengjie, Director of Foreign Affairs Office.

The two parties discussed ways to deepen the already existing collaboration through exploring new avenues for joint research projects. A rich portfolio of opportunities was presented to the visitors by faculty and there was mutual agreement to further pursue the synergies identified.

1st Consortium Meeting

News by the UKeMED - Pisa, 22-23 May 2018

The second Track & Know Meeting was held on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2018 at the University of Pisa in Pisa, Italy, hosted by CNR. The focus of the meeting was the alignment between pilots and toolboxes, the business cases in the three pilot domains, as well as potential synergies between the sectors that could be enabled through the toolboxes. A pilot/stakeholder engagement session and a workshop on visual analytics resulted in common understanding of the next steps.


News by the UKeMED – 30th May 2018

The President of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Professor Wang Sheng Liang and Mr. Takis Kotis, CEO of UKeMED, signed an MOU of collaboration for the effective promotion and sharing of healthcare knowledge and best practices via the UKeMED platform.

As part of the agenda, Mr. Kotis also visited the First Affiliated Hospital of GUANGZHOU TCM UNIVERSITY where both sides agreed on the implementation of cardiology live grand rounds aiming to enhance knowledge sharing around the world.

West China Hospital becomes a Center of Excellence in the UKeMED Platform

26th April 2018

West China Hospital (Huaxi) has been appointed as a Center of Excellence in the UKeMED Platform. The Medical University Hospital is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China and it is one of the top and largest Institutions in the country. Since 2009, the hospital has ranked 2nd on the China Best Hospital List. As a Center of Excellence, the Institution and the UKeMED global platform will share knowledge and experience with the health care sector around the world.

The UKeMED platform’s ultimate goal is to become the bridge between the West and East in Health and Care. The primary purpose of this collaboration is to contribute to the integration of the TCM and the Western Medicine for the benefit of the Global Citizen with cooperative activities as live sessions/grand rounds, video recorded operations/presentations, mutual research projects/clinical trials and educational courses. Furthermore, the UKeMED platform will be also utilized as an Innovation tool for Research Remote Diagnosis and Home Care projects.

Recently UKeMED and West China Hospital jointly submitted a proposal to the SC1-HCO-11-2018 CSA call on EU-China collaboration in health research and innovation. The basis of the project lies in the provision of a holistic set of coordination and support activities to identify, facilitate and develop sustainable joint research initiatives between European Member States and China.

UKeMED Global Grand Rounds started in March 2018 between top healthcare Institutions in Europe and China

2nd April 2018

UKeMED’s grand rounds started in March, aiming to enhance professional development and knowledge sharing around the world. These are monthly live sessions between Hospitals/Institutions and Centres of Excellence around the globe on a variety of medical topics which take place via an online top security conferencing tool installed in the UKeMED platform.

The purpose of the grand round sessions is to enhance the global Healthcare Community to share its expertise, knowledge and skills in order to improve patient care. Medical case presentations are delivered at Grand Rounds, Departmental Meetings and other staff Training sessions aiming at case-based learning. Grand Rounds and Multi-Disciplinary Teams present their cases (i.e. clinical problems, developments in research etc.) on a specific topic and at the same time they interact with participating centres around the world in order to exchange ideas, give and receive feedback in real time.

The first grand rounds took place in March 2018, between top healthcare Institutions in Europe and China.

“Track&Know”: New Horizon 2020 Project for CELERITAS LTD

11 September 2017

CELERITAS LTD is glad to announce that it will take part to a new Horizon 2020 funded Project. “Track&Know” is a research and innovation collaborative project targeting at introducing novel technologies and approaches in Big Data driven ecosystems (i.e. intelligent mobility services, autonomous, connected and shared vehicles technologies, healthcare and predictive maintenance, finance and insurance, etc.).

The “Track&Know” project brings together interdisciplinary partners from the transport, insurance, emergency healthcare industries, academia and research along with users and data-provision partners focusing on real-life and user-defined challenges to address the open issues arising from the automotive transportation in modern metropolitan areas and increase the contextual awareness in urban mobility by delivering intelligent information and predictive analytics to user-interest groups, stakeholders and city managers. 

The Project aims at:

  • Addressing fundamental research problems related to the scalability, adaptability, interoperability and responsiveness of analytics and smart mobility services capabilities;
  • Focusing on industry-validated, user-defined challenges for accurate predictions and rigorous processes for monitoring and measurement towards environmental and sustainable automotive transportation, efficient cities and societal changes.

The UKeMED in an integrated Healthcare UK Mission in China

News by the UKeMED - 4 – 12 December 2016

The UKeMED Team participated in the Integrated Healthcare UK Mission to China in December 2016, where selected companies and organizations met with a powerful set of project owners. The Mission visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The First Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University

News by the UKeMED - 5th December 2016

The First Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China situated at Hangzhou, has entered into negotiations with UKeMED in order to subscribe its 135 affiliated hospitals to the platform. Mr Takis Kotis, CEO of the UKeMED, gave a talk to 135 Hospital Directors and presented the benefits of the new innovative learning platform which can help them integrate their capabilities and continuously build on their skill sets.

The Integrated Healthcare Mission to China

News by the UKeMED - 6th December 2016

UK/China People Dialogue (P2P), one of the three annual high level dialogues between the two countries, covered a wide range of sectors including health. The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt who led the British delegation, visited the UKeMED stand. The mission was timed to coincide with the UK-China High Level People to People Dialogue (P2P) in Shanghai co-chaired by Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP and Chinese Vice Premier, Liu Yandong the most senior woman in the Chinese government.

UKeMED delegation to West China Medical School, Chengdu, China

News by the UKeMED - 1st December 2016

An LOI between UKeMED and West China Medical School has been exchanged. WCMS already is linked to 620 hospitals and provides second opinion services. UKeMED platform will provide daily program.
Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHS England was the main Speaker on an event that was organized by WCMS to all the departments and directors. Mr. Takis Kotis, CEO of the UKeMED and Ms. Alison Shutt, International Business Development Director Royal Free Hospital, London were also presenting.

UKeMED signs its first subscriber agreement

News by the UKeMED - 2nd June 2016

Mr. Takis Kotis, CEO and Professor President, signed the First UKeMED subscriber agreement in China with the “First People’s Hospital” of Changzhou. The hospital which has a history of 80 years, became the first Subscriber of the UKeMED powerful learning and collaboration platform. Ten more hospitals in the same district will also sign up by May 2017. The UKeMED Team made three visits (Cardiology, Urology, Nursing, IVF) for hospital assessment.

UKeMED at GITEX Exhibition Dubai UAE

News by the UKeMED - 18th October 2015

UKeMED participated in the GITEX international Exhibition in Dubai, hosted by Intracom Telecom which continuously supports healthcare innovation. The UKeMed healthcare platform- a first-of-its-kind medical knowledge and content service that allows worldwide healthcare professionals to address and streamline hospitals' and medical institutions' training and e-consultation needs, was launched during the exhibition. The project attracted strong global interest, especially by the telecom sector, while three interviews were conducted with the cooperation of popular TV stations.